Our “retro tech” wear is influenced by classic military and technical wear updated for the modern urban environment.

Bridge & Pier at Night — by Henrik Kam

We are mobilized for:

optimal mobility

We’ll provide the “wear” for wherever you want to go, facilitating your escape from gridlock to fully explore your environs whether cycling, on foot, or, yes, even on public transportation.

personal and social change

We are all becoming increasingly attuned to the provenance as well as the social and environmental costs of our purchases. The idea of owning fewer but better things is taking hold, leading us to a more sustainable pattern of living.

local production

We all benefit from producing locally, in our case, in San Francisco. We can establish strong, face-to-face relationships with our partners. Close proximity also enables us to continuously monitor the manufacturing process to ensure the highest possible standard of quality.

Made better for you. Together, we are Mobilized!