Bay Bridge and Piers by Henrik Kam

Bay Bridge and Piers – Henrik Kam

Mobilized is quite fortunate to be headquartered in San Francisco’s Dogpatch District which is home to a number of talented artists.

San Francisco is the type of place where it’s not unusual to find excellent work by local artists exhibited at neighborhood coffee shops, delicatessens, and restaurants. That’s how I first encountered Henrik Kam’s photography–probably a decade ago at Farley’s coffee shop on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill. In the pre-smartphone era, I actually had to write down the URL to his web site, which I later bookmarked for future reference.

It was then serendipitous that I stumbled upon that bookmarked link when searching for an image to include on Mobilized’s About Us page. I wanted to visually tie Mobilized to San Francisco and preferably to the city’s gritty industrial past, present, and fast disappearing future. Henrik supplied us with several photos that met our brief. In the end, we selected an image of the Bay Bridge and surrounding piers photographed at twilight as the marine layer rolled in off the Pacific Ocean. We’ve darkened it a bit on the About Us page so the text superimposed on the image is easier to read. I’m not sure this treatment does the image justice so I want to share the original photograph complete with its rich detail.

We hope that you will take time to visit Henrik’s site to more fully explore his photography.