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First Year Retrospective - A Few Thoughts and Words

First Year Retrospective

We just observed the one year mark here at Mobilized. It certainly feels like we’ve come a long way from a virtual standing start and have officially arrived at the Beginning where we will have an opportunity to fully gauge reaction to our products in the marketplace.

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Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Collections

Inspired: Wolverine 1000 Mile Collections

As the Mobilized Garrison Series comes together, we’ve begun to think about crafting a unique Mobilized look styled around the series that includes complementary accessories.  We think the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot, and specifically The Garrison and Gentry Collections, fit the bill nicely.

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Inspired: Lundhags®

Inspired: Lundhags® Boots

Handmade in Sweden, Lundhags® boots have a provenance dating back to 1932 when Jonas Lundhag began manufacturing his eponymous boots in the remote region of Jämtland in central Sweden.

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