Image courtesey of Hypebeast - A Conversation with Errolson Hugh

Errolson Hugh Interview via Hypebeast

Hypebeast recently caught up with ACRONYM’s peripetic designer, Errolson Hugh, at his studio in Berlin.  To quote Hr. Hugh,  ”Each ACRONYM piece that ships is a battle that’s been won.

Errolson Hugh is unquestionably in the avant-garde of modern, technically inspired urban apparel for men and now women as well.   I greatly admire his cutting edge work. No doubt he tackles numerous challenges in the design, sourcing, and manufacturing of each piece in the ACRONYM line.  Having just survived our first product run, this is the unequivocal money quote as far as I’m concerned:

The massive degrees of unlikeliness that are overcome every time an ACRONYM item gets made don’t show in the final product.

Emphasis added, plus a heartfelt “Amen, Brother!”

Mr. Hugh pushes the envelope in terms of advanced technical materials and complexity of design and construction to achieve the desired form and function in a garment.  This is particularly evident in ACRONYM’s outerwear.  I can only imagine the number of samples required to fully realize his vision. Clearly, a great deal of effort is required to bring an ACRONYM piece to fruition– and you have to factor this into the equation when considering the retail price of ACRONYM products.

Mr. Hugh is constantly innovating and doesn’t appear to cut any corners. Each item in the line possesses a truly distinctive, “one of a kind” quality.  To be honest, I’ve only seen one ACRONYM piece “in the wild”, but Mr. Hugh’s work is immediately recognizable – even at a considerable distance and from behind.

The Hypebeast interview with Mr. Hugh is available in its entirety here.