Inspired: Lundhags®

Inspired: Lundhags® Boots

Handmade in Sweden, Lundhags® boots have a provenance dating back to 1932 when Jonas Lundhag began manufacturing his eponymous boots in the remote region of Jämtland in central Sweden.

Lundhags® takes a “shell” approach to the design and manufacture of their boots, essentially advocating a layered approach to footwear.  The protective outer layer is provided by the boot’s “shell”.  The wearer can adjust for the intended activity as well as conditions with the addition or subtraction of layers of socks combined a removable insole.  What holds true in layering clothing also holds true with footwear.  Wet layers of socks or insoles can be readily replaced with dry ones.  In addition, boots dry faster minus a permanent lining.  Another benefit is that their boots can be worn year round with the wearer regulating conditions inside the boot through the selection of sockets and insoles.  It will come as no surprise that Lundhags® manufacturers a range of sockets and insoles.  Canny capitalist those Swedes.

I generally agree with this approach.  When climbing or on extended hikes, I typically add duct tape in strategic points as an additional friction absorbing layer between one’s foot and a sock liner.  Since I’m generally just walking to the local coffee bar, I dispense with the duct tape.  I do, however, layer my socks starting with a sock liner as the base layer, adding one or two layers as needed.  The craziest combination is a sock liner, a mid weight sock, and an ankle sock to provide the idea fit for a pair of Altama jungle boots that I wear periodically – just not in the jungle.  I also find that layering socks helps need deal with footwear fit issues since sizing varies from brand to brand and one of my feet is slightly larger than the other.  To date, I’ve elected to forgo bespoke shoes in favor of layering socks as needed.

As far as Lundhags® is concerned, I’ve got my eye on a pair of Park Gold’s pictured below.  Interestingly, Lundhags® does not have a significant presence in North America.  Does that present a business opportunity?

Inspired: Lundhags® Park Gold Boot

Lundhags® Park Gold Boot, image courtesy of Haberdash, Stockholm