Author, William Gibson

My Obsession

I recently pre-ordered and then devoured William Gibson’s latest, Distrust That Particular Flavor, in a couple of evenings, which for me is noteworthy. My attention span leaves something to be desired, but there’s a lot to think about and do at the moment.

I particularly enjoyed My Obsession, a piece he wrote for Wired in January 1999 – back in the before time, i.e. a lifetime ago – or two, perhaps, give or take. In the afterward to the article, Mr. Gibson notes, regarding hissometimes, usually only temporary”, propensity toaccumulate things in some one category- in this instance unique, vintage watches,

…the real pursuit is the learning curve.  The dive into esoterica.  The quest for expertise.

I couldn’t summarize my thoughts or feelings any better than Mr. Gibson and, with that in mind, welcome to – Mobilized.

Image credit: Fred Lum, The Globe and Mail