Swords to plowshares icon plus  "Champions of the Fleet" anchor

Swords to plowshares ’15

One hundred years on from 1915, we humans face challenges unimaginable to our predecessors, challenges that, in spite of seemingly perpetual conflict, require our immediate and undivided attention. Let’s get down to work “… and they shall beat shall beat their swords into plowshares…”.

Working with our graphic designer, we developed a new motif incorporating a stylized figure “beating a sword into a plowshare” into the chain ring or shackle of a ship’s anchor. It is meant to capture the spirit of the “champions of the fleet” while directly invoking the allegory of Yegeny Vuchetich’s iconic “Let Us Beat Swords in Plowshares” sculpture that currently resided in the garden at the UN building in New York. In short, let’s not waste the spirit and energy of the young when “it is true there is much to be done…”.

This idea will inform our thoughts and work at Mobilized as continue to incorporate stylistic elements drawn from classic military uniforms and, in turn, work wear into a modern context. Perhaps it could be bested summed up as “work wear” for the contemporary workforce, emphasis added with intent.

We look forward to sharing our efforts with you as the year progresses, and as we hone our products such that they are “made better for you”.

We're Off!

We’re Off!