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Web Shop Preview

As September draws to a close, we’re busily putting the finishing touches on our web store front and updates to the web site in order to support online shopping.

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Adam, looking dangerous, channels William Gibson's Garreth from Zero History.

Design Inspiration: Zero History

After re-reading William Gibson’s Zero History, I understand that Gibson’s character, Garreth ‘Wilson’, has subconsciously informed our design narrative.  Well, we can now let Garreth out of the Cabinet for his next obscure “exploit”.

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Mobilized - Handmade

Observations on Production

Our F1 M1980, Urban jacket in Ventile®, sewn locally and in a small quantities, is for all intents and purposes a handmade garment.

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F1 M1980, Urban Ventile and Mobilized Labels

F1 M1980, Urban Anatomy – Labels

When assessing the quality of a garment, I spend quite a bit of time examining the interior to see how much attention to detail and care went into its construction.  The same holds true with its labeling.

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