The Alpine Review Issue No.1, the inaugural anti-fragility issue.

The Alpine Review Issue No.1

Issue No. 1 of the The Alpine Review is an exciting addition to our reading list here at Mobilized. Published bi-annually from its base in Montreal, the inaugural issue is a weighty 283 page collection of nicely curated articles focusing on the concept of Antifragility.

Here is a selection of our favorite articles:

Unionmade: A wide ranging interview with Todd Barket, proprietor of San Francisco-based menswear retailer Unionmade.

Playfulness and Processuality: An interview with author Bruce Sterling on the so-called New Aesthetic, “how the digital world and real world are starting to overlap and intermingle in interesting, routine, and unexpected ways“.

The Olde Aesthetic: Asks the question: “Did the olde aesthetic arise as a counter to the fast-food monotony of the digital world or does the comfort of the olde aesthetic life lead to better clarity when considering the future?

Making Lust: An interview with Sam Guelimi, founder of Paris-based magazine Edwarda. Oh my!

Taleb’s Antifragility: Nassim Nicholas Taleb “sees [tumultuous events] coming by spotting the fragile and conversely advocating in favor of people, organizations, and ways of thinking that are more than merely robust – they are antifragile.”

City Berlin: Berlin “lives the notions of a flat, networked world of constant remixing of ideas, of crafts and technology and culture intersections.”

There’s a lot more to explore in issue No. 1. The Ideas/Thinking sections is an interesting collection of reviews of blogs posting and articles drawn from a variety of websites, representing a surprising integration of print and digital content.

Treat yourself to a copy of issue No. 1 of the The Alpine Review and keep an eye out for issue No. 2.